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Competition FAQs

Who Picks The Winner?

Winners and all draws are completed using Google Number Generator, and sometimes Draws will be completed using the National Lottery Bonus Ball.

There is no way of us fixing the draws, everything is complete luck! You pick your own ticket number(s), we do not choose any numbers for you.

All Draws are announced and projected LIVE on our Facebook Page

We will also announce all draws via email.

All ticket purchases and winners are displayed on each individual competition to keep everything fair.

As many as you desire. The more tickets you purchase, the more chances you have of your ticket being picked by our system.

There are a limited amount of tickets per competition, eg: a competition may have only 200 tickets available to purchase, if you purchase 5 of those tickets then there will only be 195 available tickets left to purchase and you will have 5 chances to win that competition.

Yes, you can enter into as many competitions as you would like.

When you purchase your ticket, you will have your own account to view purchased tickets. Each competition will also list the participants in that competition. If you purchase more than one ticket for one competition, eg: you purchase 5 tickets, you will have 1 invoice for all 5 tickets but on the competition page, you will have 5 seperate entries (tickets).

If you have purchased more tickets than needed, please contact us along with the Invoice Number found under your account and we will refund you for the additional tickets.

Winners can be found under our ‘WINNERS’ section with their name and ticket number, we will also send all winners an email.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page, make sure to like and follow us so you don’t miss any lives that we do.

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