Au Vodka - The Full Range Flavoured Trio , 3 x 70cl


End Date: October 3, 2021
End Time: 8:30PM
Live Draw: 9:00PM

‼The Best Tasting Vodka &  A Great Gift Or For Christmas‼


Winners are

UsernameTicket NumberAnswer
A*******v 63 Green

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  • The Ultimate Gift for the vodka Lover this Christmas! A complete selection of all available flavours from the AU Vodka Range!
  • The Newly Launched AU Blue Raspberry: Combining their award winning vodka with a unique fruit fusion creating a sweet and unique blue vodka.
  • AU Black Grape: Blending the finest British black grapes with natural spring water from deep in the South Down hills. Au Black Grape is sippable on the rocks, paired with lemonade or breathing character into any cocktail.
  • AU Fruit Punch: A delicious combination of AU’s award-winning recipe with natural fruit juices and flavours, creating a unique tropical explosion!
  • An Award Winning, 5 times distilled vodka combined with the highest quality fruits to create the most unique and exotic tastes!

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DateUsernameTicket NumberChosen Label
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 120 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 115 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 114 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 113 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 109 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 107 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 106 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 105 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 103 Green
03/10/2021 2:58 pm D*****4 102 Green